Spring Cleanup

To optimize your garden in summer, Amelia Rose Gardening & Design can help with a number of spring cleanup tasks including raking, pruning of dead branches, soil amendment, and cleaning up garden beds. 

$75.00 per hour + HST

Fall Cleanup

To get your garden winter ready, Amelia Rose Gardening & Design can help with a number of fall cleanup tasks including raking, dead-heading of perennials, mulching, and cleaning up garden beds.

$75.00 per hour + HST

Planting & Transplanting Perennials

In addition to coming back year after year, perennials can be divided to add to your garden. This can be done in either spring or fall, depending on the perennial. 

$75.00 per hour + HST

Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance can be a one-time event, or scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Maintenance tasks that you can choose from include the following:

o Weeding
o Mulching
o Pruning of perennials + small hedges/shrubs
o Garden edging
o Plant dead-heading
o Raking
o Fertilizing
o Transplanting perennials

$75.00 per hour + HST

Fall Bulb Planting

Spring flowers let you know the earth is waking up after its long, winter sleep. Ensure the first signs of spring with the fall planting of bulbs for flowers including, crocus, daffodil, iris, lily, tulip, snowdrop and hyacinth. 

$75.00 per hour + HST


Planters are ideal for livening up any space, any time of year! Choose from a variety of planter designs including, potager planter garden, succulents, thrill-fill-spill, and seasonal/holiday. 

$75.00 per hour + HST + cost of materials

Real Estate Garden Cleanup & Staging

The front yard of a home provides prospective buyers with their first impression. Improving your home's curb appeal could be as easy as a thorough garden cleanup and/or seasonal planters.

$75.00 per hour + HST

Vacation Maintenance

Going away should be worry-free. Amelia Rose Gardening & Design can help ensure your garden is well taken care of so all you have to do is enjoy that well-deserved vacation.  

$75.00 per hour + HST

Garden Design

Big or small, Amelia Rose Gardening & Design will work with you to create your garden oasis. Garden design includes an initial 45 minute free consultation. 

Garden designs generally start at $500 + HST